See Pain Signs to the mind in the Back

As back pain or neck pain goes to the chronic stage, variables besides harm and tissue damage come into play. Included in these are such matters as on-going pain signs along with ideas and emotions associated with the pain, even though there’s no tissue damage.
Pain is a private and unique experience

Everyone experiences and expresses pain otherwise. Two individuals using the same harm reveal and will feel their back pain in ways that are exceptional depending on several variables. The latest theories of pain are now able to describe, on a physiological level, how and why individuals experience pain otherwise.

Persistent pain is different than severe pain

Persistent non-cancer pain doesn’t serve a protective or biologic function like severe pain does.

Severe pain is a symptom of diseased or wounded tissue, and your pain goes away following the underlying injury is treated then.

See Neuropathic Pain: Acute malady, Chronic Pain, and Kinds of Back Pain

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